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Jewelry has been used in every culture throughout history and in many different ways. While in our culture today jewelry serves mostly an aesthetic purpose, jewelry can serve other functions as well. Jewelry represents social or official rank, age, marital status, and tribal affinity. In addition, jewelry is like an emblems of religious, social, and political affiliation. In fact, one of the very first uses of jewelry was to show religious affiliation.Lastly, jewelry is a broad term that describes any ornamental adornment on the body.
Below is the listing of the religious jewelry of different places:-

1.Religious Jewelry of Egypt:-

In Ancient Egypt the religious jewelry was very symbolic. Some common symbols include the scarab (beetle), lotus, serpent, falcon, and the eye. The scarab is a symbol for good luck and resurrection while the Eye of the Horus represents healing. A common symbol of the time called the Ankh is meant to represent eternal life. Religious jewelry was extravagant,and were worn by men and women alike. When the Roman Era arrived, Egyptian religious jewelry was made of cheaper materials and more Christian symbols were used. When Islam arrived in Egypt men were forbidden to wear gold jewelry. At this time silver jewelry became more popular in religious jewelry in Egypt. Religious jewelry is still widely used in Egypt.

2. Religious Jewelry in Roman Christianity:-

At the time of Roman Empire several popular symbols were created that are still used in Christian art and jewelry. These symbols include the cross, the rosary, and the Christian fish charm. The cross is a symbol of Gods love and a reminder of Christs suffering. Rosary beads are prayer beads that began in the Roman Christian world but are now used predominately by the Catholic Church. Rosary beads are also used in the Islam and Buddhist faith. The Christian fish charm came about when early Christians would make an acronym with the Greek word for fish. The Christian charm remains very popular today.

3. Native American Jewelry:-

In this the jewelry was a symbol for nature, played a role in religious ceremonies, and represented status. Natural materials were used in their jewelry including feathers along with minerals such as turquoise and metals like silver. These natural materials were a reminder of the Earth around them. During healing ceremonies and harvest rituals, the people would take care to wear specific kinds of religious jewelry that were the right color, made of the right materials, and representing the right symbol for that event. Native American religious jewelry was also given to newly married couples. Religious jewelry has played a significant role in Native American culture.

Because our culture today we use jewelry mostly for decorative purposes we often forget the roots of jewelry and how, to some cultures, it can have a deeper spiritual meaning. Recognizing the importance of this religious jewelry in other cultures allows us to see the greater symbolic uses that jewelry can be used for.


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