Tips To Buy Engagement Jewelry

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Almost all young girls think and dream about their wedding ceremony from the childhood. They have a desire to get the engagement ring and to swear solemnly.Engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of either hand, depending on which country the bride-to-be is to be wed.If you have a knowledge for purchasing the engagement ring,It will help you to buy the ideal engagement ring at the best price.

The engagement ring that you select for your loved one is going to be something that marks one of the biggest occasions in both your life and hers so you will want to make sure it is perfect.
Many engagement rings are made of diamond. What kind of diamond do you think you can afford? All the engagement ring buying tips online say that a diamond is forever, but even with a limited budget, forever need not be beyond your reach and so the foremost step is to choose an engagement ring and to decide what your budget is going to be. Shop around for good bargains.

1.Must Check The Four C’s of Diamond:
When buying diamonds, you should first and foremost be aware of the 4 c’s: carat, clarity, color and cut. Any gemstone expert worth his or her salt can tell you more about these c’s.the cost of a diamond depends on its value, which in turn depends on how well the requirements of the 4 c’s are fulfilled.
-- Carat- This is the weight of the diamond and as a result the size. Each diamond is given points so that a hundred points equals one carat. On average the higher the carat more the diamond
get expensive.
-- Clarity- It refers to how easily you can recognize any imperfections the diamond may have. Less flaws in the diamond mean it will reflect light better, making diamond jewelry sparkle more.
--Color- This can be anything from clear or colorless to faint yellow. A diamond is more expensive if you are going for a colorless one. While there are colored diamonds available it is best to stick with the traditional colorless diamonds unless your potential marriage partner specifically likes another color.
--Cut- It is the shape of the diamond jewelry. The cut is just as important as the clarity and color of a diamond and you should ask to see a variety of options in order to decide which is the best option for your setting.

2.Know about the Gemstones in detail:
The most popular choice for engagement ring style is the solitaire diamond in white gold, and depending on the cut, small solitaire diamonds could look rather classy.Avoid the standard, often cheaper yellow gold metal base - it doesn’t speak of “class” at all!.Consider always securing the assistance of a person with a trained eye for selecting gemstones.

3.Choose the metal as she like:
Pay close attention to the kind of jewelry she is already wearing. The ring you will buy, as all the engagement ring buying tips will tell you, need to be made of a metal that will look good on your bride-to-be and at the same time not be bad for her sensitive skin.


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