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>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Handmade jewelry is crafted by human hands and not by machines. Its the only reason why this jewelry has a personal touch of its own as it made uniquely and opposed to the mechanically duplicated, machine-crafted pieces of modern fashion jewelry.
Is your hand crafted jewelry 100% hand crafted or only a part of it?
I mean, if it has been crafted by hand from scratch or some pre-fabricated parts - say hooks, hoops, pins or clasps - have been used in hand crafting the whole thing too!
You need to be a traditional goldsmith, or a silversmith, or any metal-smith for that matter, well versed in the traditional techniques of forging, raising, chasing, soldering along with the more sophisticated ones like etching, engraving and coloring in order to carve out a real beautiful piece of art in the form of hand made jewelry. But not necessarily so. You needn't be a metal-smith too, in order to create new hand crafted jewelry designs; as a host of basic hand tool techniques are sufficient enough to wrap out and thread in the best of hand made jewelry on earth too. Metals and gemstones are the basic building blocks of hand crafted jewelry; but then one can always experiment making jewelry with altogether new materials too, like paper, plastic, or even wool and threads. The newer innovation, gives more the hand crafted jewelry a chance to go popular. In fact, hand made jewelry by real creative artists of the trade is so much in demand that the popular brands can't even dream of ever touching the aesthetic level of such a piece of art that this specially hand crafted jewelry is.
Call it either handcrafted jewelry, or call it a piece of jewelry; the meaning stands the same and you can categorize it the following way:

* Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

* Handmade Bracelets

* Handmade Rings

* Handmade Pendants

* Handmade Earrings


Total Delights May 22, 2008 at 6:51 PM  

I am so glad to see the support for handcrafted jewlery. Those of us that create need to have this. to many people think that handcrafted is somehow less desireable.

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