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>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

Handmade jewelry is one that is made by hands. Unlike modern machine jewelry no two pieces of handmade jewelry of same design are identical in their form and sculpture. The word jewelery is a part of life not just now but since ages gone past. It is one of the inventions of ancient man, which not only tells about his mental development but also instead shows a complete scenario of needs and civilization.

The first pieces of jewelry were made from natural materials such as bone, animal teeth’s, shells, wood, and carved stones. Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 years old Nassarius shells that were made into beads are thought to be the oldest known jewelry.

Till after that the use of beads in creating jewelry has become a long going tradition. Artists use various kinds of techniques in creating their own individual designs, which have a specialty in them. Even the simplest kind of work such as bead creation can be done by so many ways. The simplest way is wire wrapping where a wire is wrapped either with some other metal to make a oval bead of a jewelry, which is later crafted on to, give various kinds of designs or the wire is bended in such a angle that it touches itself after completing a round. Even in this simplest technique the use of various kinds of metals having different densities and wire of different diameter may lead into creation of a different kind of bead.

Handmade jewelry is special because of uniqueness and originality. Uniqueness because no two pieces are alike and originality because unlike machine made jewelry which is made by machine and which does not use a pre used part of metal, jewelry artists often assembles the pre fabricated parts of metals to create new designs.

The oldest techniques in handmade jewelry include metalsmithing, which is still done by renowned independent artists such as goldsmiths, designers and gem carvers.

Aniling, forging, raising, chaising, soldering are some of the common methods used in metalsmithing. Engraving, etching, and polishing are other methods used in gem carving. Gems are joined to the metals to create different designs; such works often increase the market value of these jewelries.

Since centuries jewelry is handmade out of every possible material known to man and which pleases his eyes. He had been using this jewelry not only to adorn every possible part (from hairpin to toe rings) but also for the purpose of wealth storage, decoration of temples and palaces.

With the changing times the value quality and quantity has increased to a tremendous amount. Scientific advancements till now had covered every other field but lags a long distance behind in compete with handmade jewelry. It is well known that with changing times better instruments had been used but still hands only do the whole process of new designs in manufacturing and finishing. We can often find highly trained goldsmiths on every other way now days which are expertise with their effort in developing high quality jewelry.

Less costly jewelry is also made from less valuable materials such as paper, textiles, plastics and much more.

Jaipur jewelry is one such landmark, which is famous for its handmade jewelry throughout world for it’s manufacturing – engraving processes especially in the field of diamond finishing works and gems carving.


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