Jewelry Cleaning and Keeping at Home

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some General Jewelry Cleaning and Keeping Tips :

1) Jewelry must be stored in a clean, dry place.Each piece should be separately placed from the other so the scratching could be prevented.Using a fabric jewelry case along with dividers in it could be the best choice.

2) Jewelry should be professionally cleaned and inspected every six months to a year so that it may not require maintenance cost later.It often helps the owner get informed that whether there is a problem with the pieces of jewelry he or she possess.

3) Home remedies of cleaning jewelry do not work always.Cleaning with abrasive or acidic materials or with materials like toothpaste , chlorine, bleach, etc., can even also cause scratch, discolor or even can dissolve the metals and polishes of gemstones.So whenever possible one must try to avoid such practices.

4) Whenever there is a confusion regarding that the particular piece of jewelry can be affected by something then the confusion must be cleared by consulting a jeweler.

Gemstone Cleaning Tips:

Sensitive stones like pearls, emeralds, and opals needs special care in cleaning rather then sapphires and rubies which are very durable stones.Given are some of the cleaning tips for these gemstones :

5) Cleaning of more durable gemstones like sapphires and rubies is done in the same way as that of diamonds.

6) The soft stones like opals, emeralds, and pearls on the other hand should be cleaned gently using a clean, soft, damp cloth.Making these stones cleaned by a jeweler can be a best option.

7) Some of the gemstones are treated by heat or other techniques ; using techniques like boiling the gemstone in water or using a saltwater solution at home can damage the gemstone.

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Silver and other metals Cleaning Tips:

Silver and precious metals can get oxidize as the time passes; all that ultimately tarnishes the metal.Proper care can prevent them from looking old.

8) Silver should be cleaned with a less ph soap and water, all after then the water is made to get removed from the surface.

9) Fibers present in tissue paper and paper towels can scratch the metal .So to avoid removal of polish or to avoid scratches the silver must be rubbed with a cloth or felt to make a polish.

10) Silver Jewelry must be stored in tarnish-preventing bags or felt cloths.These bags must be kept away from light and air while storing because these two biological factors can cause tarnishing of silver.

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Diamond Cleaning Tips :

Diamonds when cleaned with strong cleaning agents can also get affected, even if they are the hardest substances found on earth.So it is recommended that diamond cleaning should be done using a basic ammonia and water based solution.The right proportion of ammonia and water solution for particular piece can only be suggested by a professional.Thus it is found that a professional cleaning using their solution is the best way of cleaning the jewelry.And it can be done at any professional jewelry store.Some general tips of cleaning jewelry at home are as follows :

11) Using a soap solution or a ammonia solution can be a good option.

12) Using a soft bristle tooth brush,we initially tap the bristle against the diamond to clean the film of dust away from it.Brushing creates bubbles over the surface.

13) Brushing is done under the solution till the brightness starts reappearing.It usually takes 30 to 60 seconds.

14) Diamond pieces are then rinsed in luke-worm water, so as to remove the cleaning solution from the jewelry.And later then jewelry is dried using a clean cloth.

Gold Jewelry Cleaning Tips:

The finest gold jewelry made by karat gold can be cleaned by the following processes :

15) Chamois cloths are often used to clean the gold jewelry.The jewelry is just rubbed with the cloth to restore its shine.

16) Using chlorine to clean the jewelry or just simply wearing the jewelry in water with chlorine added to it such as pools, can also permanently damage the gold jewelry.

17) Dipping the jewelry in rubbing alcohol can remove the grease present over it.


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