September Birthstone - Lapiz

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gemstone Lapiz

Every stone has its own magical power :
Lapiz is said to host curing power and determination. Lapiz is the gemstone that provides deep inside the earth and brought to the surface of volcanoes. Lapiz symbolizes the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. Lapiz are the birthstone for persons born in September and December. Lapiz jewelry can be worn by people born in any month as it is a stone with excellent healing and spiritual qualities.

Lapiz Silver RingLapiz Silver Ring This Beautiful Handmade Ring with Natural Amethyst Gemstone made of Sterling Silver. This Round shape Amethyst Ring has been beautifully carved. This stone is 100% natural Amethyst semi precious stone. This is a perfect ring to be worn on your finger to make your hand look more stunning.

Lapiz Silver Pendant SetLapiz Silver Pendant Set Stunning Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant set of Synthetic Lapiz embedded in it. It has been designed beautifully with marquise shape gemstone arranged very nicely. The pieces are 100% natural gemstone. This type of Pendant set is worn with dark blue colored outfits.

Lapiz Silver Earring Lapiz Silver Earring
A Stunning Sterling Silver Earring. It is designed in dangler shape with round shape of two synthetic Lapiz stone in it. It is a stylish design with Sterling Silver and looks trendy with blue colored outfits.


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