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>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

Luster and sparkling are two of the specialities of Tennis Bracelets which are most suited for mostly formal occassions. Reasonable facsimiles as individual diamonds are placed in square settings of the bracelets and then are stunged there. All these facsimiles are held together by using clasp. Support wiring along with the settings can be done using silver or any other jewelry metal. While worn these tennis bracelets do not harm the comfort level of the individual just because of the individual settings which are done to them.

CZ Tennis Bracelet CZ Tennis Bracelet With ravishing beauty, this princess cut cubic zirconia tennis bracelet can only be described as breathtaking. The white cubic zirconias that line the bracelet almost seem to reach out with their shimmering reflections to draw the gaze of wandering eyes. The rhodium finished sterling silver adds the final touch of breath stealing awe as its platinum like surface complements the dancing lights of the CZs with masterful care. Shop MyJewelryDeals with confidence knowing that the quality of our sterling silver cubic zirconia cz bracelets is backed by our 15 day jewelry return policy to assure complete satisfaction.

Tennis style are the other form of jewelry which resembles the very most to tennis bracelets in their form and textures. Here different sized stones may be used, all making it look like tennis bracelets. A uniform arrangement of diamonds is made in case of classical tennis bracelets. These classical Tennis Bracelets can even be of very high rates.

Tennis Bracelet Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet Take your sparkle on the rocks with this Wave CZ Tennis Bracelet. The offset pattern of the stones lends an openwork design to the piece.The rhodium finished sterling silver adds the final touch of breath stealing awe as its platinum like surface complements the dancing lights of the CZs with masterful care.The stones are set so finely, to allow light to enter from all directions to maximize the brilliance. Glimmering with spectacular sparkle, this Absolute simulated white cubic zirconias line tennis bracelet makes your wrist look like it's covered in diamonds.

One specific feature regarding these tennis bracelets is they are always available with safety features. Considering clasp of a typical tennis bracelet, we find that the clasp depends on a springly metal latch which meshes very securely with its hook. As the time progresses the life of this clasp goes on decreasing. To overcome this condition designers usually includes one another security measure in their tennis bracelets. Two of the most important features included in styles are : chains and 'figure shaped as - 8'.

Chain latches are connected to one another from small studs of one to the main clasp of another, all as safety features. If in case the main clasp fails, chain should hold the bracelet intactly all till it is not repaired. Figure '8' as a safety feature is a double loop made up of metal. Loop of one side snaps to a small posts to the main clasp in the bracelet, other loop snaps to the post of other side. If in any case the figure '8' brakes off, the whole bracelet is prevented from getting broken.

For the maximum security and comfort of these tennis bracelets it is very important to find whether the bracelet one is choosing is fitting the wrist or is easily coming to the fingers of the hand. Loosely fitting tennis bracelets get snagged and pulled very easily. Further if in case any of the tennis bracelet is very snugging type then also it can cause chafe to the skin and can become stretched to the extent that it can break very easily. So its required that the bracelet should be a ideal fitting one.


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Although the trend keeps changing but these bracelets come in handy whatever the trend be.
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