15 Tips-How to wear Silver Jewelry

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silver Jewelry is now considered as one of the most important accessories that add glory to your outfit. A man should wear jewelry; it should not wear him.This statement means that jewelry can make or break a man's outfit. Selecting right Silver Jewelry can add that touch of class and sensuality that it can transform you from a simple person to a perfect princess. How to make Jewelry show you off, have a look at our jewelry ideas guaranteed to make you dazzle and look stunning.

1. Create different looks with your Silver Jewelry to match the clothes you're wearing.

2. Your choice of Jewelry should reflect your personality and individual sense of style.

3. When making a decision on what pieces of jewelry to wear, remember less is more. It only takes a pair of long Dangle Earrings to highlight your slender neck or a sparkling Citrine Amethyst Pendant to match your eyes, to create a startling effect.

Silver Dangle EarringGorgeous Blue Pearl Dangle Earring , a designer piece designed especially for those who want to give them a trendy look. This Blue mother of pearl stones are sought after for their beauty. These earrings absorb the light softly as they still reflect an array of different colors.

Citrine Amethyst PendantA radiant, rich look. Add dramatic sparkle to your neck with this lovely oval pendant. This beautiful Citrine Amethyst Pendant is made from sterling silver with Genuine Citrine and Amethyst Gemstones accented with Genuine Marcasites.This sterling silver design is reminiscent is royalty. A light orange Citrine is surround with dazzling purple Amethysts. The Citrine is oval and Amethysts are round in shape

4. Silver Necklace.Know your best asset, is it your face or an ample bosom? An attractive choker will draw attention to your face, while a long Silver Pendants make you look beautiful.Experiment with ideas like wearing layers of different length necklaces.That will definitely get you attention.

5. Silver Ring. You can wear a ring on your thumb , or on any finger ,aside from the usual ring finger, as it looks good with your outfit and it matches the occasion.

6. Silver Bracelet. Avoid wearing bracelet that is too tight around the wrist, nor should you let them swing up and down your arm.

7. Silver Earrings. There is a particular type of earring for in a certain occasion. It would not be appropriate to wear your precious Stud Earring at the beach. A punk-inspired earring would look awkward when worn during a black tie or red carpet event.

Peridot Stud EarringBeautifully designed sterling silver Peridot Stud Earrings is being especially designed to give you a royal look as the light green colour of this earrings gives you the freshness & warmth of natural enviornment. Even in the very crowdy place you can find yourself comfortable with this beautiful Peridot stud earring.The Stone is 100% natural Semi precious gem stone.

8. Watch. Leather watches are more suitable for casual events ,while Gold, silver or titanium wristwatches go better with an evening suit.

9. Do not wear too much jewelry this would only destroy your look; it would make it appear confusing and cluttered. But there is an exception to this rule. You can wear several accessories at a time, as long as it matches your outfit. For instance, you can layer beaded necklaces or anklets if you want to achieve a more laidback, bohemian look.

10. If your arms upper arms are not as firm as they used to be, then avoid wearing bracelets and choose a dazzling Cocktail Ring instead.

Blue Topaz RingDeep, dramatic beauty. This ring is designed to be noticed! The ancients believed that blue topaz calmed tempers and bestowed strength. Today, we love it for its unmistakable deep blue hue. The deep-blue color of this London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring is strong enough to stand alone.In this sleek, sophisticated, cocktail ring, an glowing oval London blue topaz is at the center of this ring, which is prong-set, atop a split sterling silver band that tapers to a solid narrow shank. It also includes an undergallery, for a design as beautiful as it is comfortable.

11. Think about the color of your jewelry. This will depend to a large degree on whether you are a warm or cool person.

12. If you have brown eyes and black hair then you will fall into the cool category. For you, white metals like platinum, white gold or silver are the most flattering. For others who fall into the warm category then go for yellow gold, brass or copper.

13. Experiment with wearing warm and cool Silver Jewelry and see which one enhances your skin tone and make you dazzle.

14. Different types of Silver Jewelry can be used for in different occasions. You can wear Silver Jewelry anytime and anywhere. Since it boosts your image and enhances your appearance, we should not limit wearing it to formal events. Instead of precious metals and gemstones, we can opt for simpler materials, which are durable and ideal for everyday use, such as stainless steel, leather, rubber, and glass.

15. Celebrities have a huge influence on fashion trends but unless you are a celebrity or have a huge bank balance there is no need to splash out on expensive jewelry. Most designers produce affordable, good quality costume jewelry and antique jewelry is also very popular and a good investment.

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