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>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Jerusalem Cross Pendants is a very beautiful piece of jewelry with its historical and religious significance. The Jerusalem Cross, also known as the Crusaders' Cross, is a Christian symbol. Its earliest appearance as a symbol occurred during the initial Crusade in 1096 in the coat of arms of the first Latin ruler of Jerusalem. Its origin dates back nearly a millennium to the first Crusade, one of the most momentous events in world history. Since ages , people have worn cross pendants as both a testimony and symbol of their faith and also as an attractive fashion statement.

To many christians, Cross is a link to holy city of Jerusalem and it is worn as a symbol of faith. However it is not neccessary to have it as a devotional piece of jewelry. It is worm by many men and women as a fashion tren. Some people simply like the shape of cross as a strkiking fashion jewelry. The cross can be designed to be worn as a pendant, earrings or as an bracelet. So,If you are a person of faith, you can wear it as a symbol of faith or if you are fashion-minded, you may just want to wear it for no other reason than to stand out from the crowd.

Amethyst Cross Pendant
Rich purple Amethyst Cross Pendant is an elegant way to express your religious devotion. Beautiful Cross Pendant sparkles with the vibrant hues of amethyst gemstones Jewelry is crafted of lustrous white Sterling Silver costs just $28 excluding shipping costs. A wonderful expression of color coupled by a gorgeous design will make this pendant a favorite for years to come. This pendant contains genuine dimond cut amethysts. These beautiful stones have a rich, deep color and a clean clarity. Considered a symbol of peace and protection this purple stone is the birthstone for February and commemorates the 6th wedding anniversary. This pendant can be proudly displayed on a daily basis.

Silver Cross Pendant
This beautiful Sterling Silver Garnet Cross Pendant is sleek, subtle, and full of sophistication and costs just $15 excluding shipping costs. This beautiful Cross Pendant is made with genuine garnet cast in sterling silver with an added sparkle. The deep hue of the garnet is a striking.

Smoky Peridot Cross Pendant
Decorate your neck in dramatic color and style! Casual yet elegant, this fabulous Sterling Silver Smoky Peridot Cross Pendant is perfect for creating a sophisticated image for every event costs just $22 excluding shipping costs. Hand-made by Artisans in Jaipur India, this exquisite pendant is sure to become a valued addition to your jewelry box. The green peridot is perfectly complemented by smoky quartz. The stones are set in a Sterling Silver Pendant in a Cross Shape which turns out to be a unique style. Designed from polished Sterling Silver,center captures attention with glowing gems. The collection focuses on the latest trends and emerging styles coming from the fine jewelry industry, and combines the look of high-end jewelry with a price anyone can afford.

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