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>> Monday, October 20, 2008

A Promise Ring is a ring that is indicative of a serious promise made to oneself or another. Such promises should never be made that can't be kept. For special promises, Promise Ring is no better reminder of this pledge -a visible symbol of faith.

Meaning Of Promise Ring:

Promise Ring is given to show the physical expression of a promise made between two people. Traditionally, the promise ring is given for virtually any type of promise made between two people - either romantic or platonic. Reasons to give Promise Ring are:

  • Pre-engagement: If you are really in love with a girl ,but you are not quite ready for engagement , The pre-engagement ring express the commitment to the relationship , and promise for the future together.

  • Monogamy : In the absence of marriage or pre-engagement , promise rings can be exchanged as a mutual commitment.

  • Friendship : Good friends can seal their friendship with the exchange of Promise Rings and other small tokens.

History of Promise Ring:

Promise Rings date back to the 16th century and illustrations show these rings as early as 1576 AD.In those days when man could not afford to get married, he used to buy promise ring as a placeholder until he could afford to get married. During the 20th century, even women used to offer Promise Ring to men.Generally these rings were given by younger couples.

Which finger?

Promise Ring can be worn on any finger.But for pre-engagement , these rings are worn on left ring finger.In case of promising between friends it can be worn on any finger including thumb.

Men's Promise Ring

Generally man's are not given Promise Ring as they are not given the engagement rings.But, still while choosing a promise ring for men , simple is best. Avoid gemstones , choose simple one.


Many designs of Promise Rings can contain the heart symbol and it is symbolic in that the lover dedicates it to his lover. Sterling Silver Promise Rings are also given when the purchaser is unable to afford the genuine diamonds. Other designs don't necessarily contain hearts. They are usually simplistic in design and may have diamonds.

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