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>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The name ‘Amber’ was derived from the word ‘ambre’ from Middle English, ‘ambra’ from Medieval Latin and ‘anbar amergris’ from Arabic. Let us look at how amber was made.

Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. This aromatic resin dripped from and oozed down the trees, and filled the internal fissures. During this process it ended up trapping debris such as seeds, leaves, feathers and insects. Through a process of natural polymerization of the original organic compounds the resin got buried and fossilized. The majority of amber that is found today is approximately 30-90 million years old.

Pieces of amber often contain bits of wood, plants as well as insects. Millions years ago the territory of present central and northern Europe was covered by thick "amber forests". The resin from the trees dripped down on the very moist bedding and then was carried with the current of streams and rivers to their mouths, where it settled in the sand. Many of those mouths were located on the area of today's northern Poland. Through the tens of millions of years the resin trapped in soil and water was a subject to many physical and chemical processes, to become amber in the end.

Amber stone beads

We can find flora like wood fragments, flowers, leaves and many plant parts and ferns in the gem. The more unique the type of fossils found in amber, the higher its value. Other trapped flora and fauna, dust, small pyrite crystals and other minerals may also be found in amber.

Amber applied in many historical periods to manufacture of decoration. In ancient Rome was valued yellow-golden amber, in middle ages - white, and in renaissance - red and yellow. In epoch of baroque amber was joined with wood and metal, e.g. to article of frames, boxes and altars. The famous "amber route" led from above Adriatic through Hungarys, Moravias, Silesia, along Wisla river to Baltic sea. Merchants travelling this route dealt first of all amber and slaves in instead of money and different values. At present amber is applied to production of jewellery, acid-resistant dishes, polishes and paints.

Amber jewelry is said to help one be joyful and happy. The cheery yellow stone is believed to lighten the burdens of life. It is said by Healers that amber helps us realize the full power of our spiritual intellect and activates our altruistic nature. It is said that if the first gift from a man to a woman is made of amber, it means they will marry soon

Amber jewelry was designed to have a flair of modern and old, making lovely amber jewelry bracelets that would look good on anyone. An amber jewelry bracelet is not only a decorative element, but it can also improve your state of mind and health. You can even find beautiful Amber rings.

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