Celebrities and Charmed Jewelry

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Charmed jewelry is one of those perpetual favorites that never go out of style. The popularity of charms and charmed jewelry continues unabated. The fact that many celebrities are photographed wearing their favorite charmed jewelry with the associated fan rush to duplicate the look. Your charmed jewelry is a wearable statement of your personal life. Getting the charmed jewelry 'right' involves building your jewelry from scratch.

Many jewelry companies genrally offer charmed jewelry that is built around the theme they select. By performing market research they find out what charm their customers and then combine it with the jewelry. This changes the charmed jewelry from a piece of wearable art to just an ordinary piece of jewelry.

Here's the view on the Charms Your Favorite Celebrities Are Wearing:

This bohemian style designer has been photographed recently wearing a stunning charm necklace with what appeared to be a budded cross as the centerpiece with crest charms circling the necklace.

The best part of this necklace is that the charms are not all bunched up at the drop of the necklace. Her charms are placed on individual links using jump rings so the charms hang separately.

White Trash Charms

Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears have been spotted lately wearing White Trash Charms. The story behind the creation of White Trash Charms and its owner, Brooke Dulien, makes for interesting reading. Non-traditional in design, "evoking the iconic imagery of rock ‘n’ roll culture", White Trash Charms are the darling of the younger set in Hollywood.

The White Trash Wish Bone charm is very interesting as it is cast from an actual wishbone. Most of White Trash's charms are available in karated gold, Sterling Silver and vermeil. Prices range from $80 and upwards based upon the type of metal.

Family Charm Jewelry

Keira Knightley is also a fan of charmed jewelry. ANI reports Ms. Knightley is "... a great believer in luck.". Her favorite lucky charm bracelet is her grandfather’s watch chain, which is hung with charms from her grandmother. Occasionally she adds charms such as the ones given to her by her agent – a sword and a boat – when she started filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

Push Charms

Celebrity husbands have jumped on the charm bandwagon with the popularity of the diamond push charm. This style of charm is given to wives to as a sort of thank you for labor they went through at childbirth.

Thankfully, the charms are not styled to represent any actual facet of the delivery process itself. Rather, the new father picks out a charm in a shape or design he feels is representative of the delivery. The important aspect of the charm appears to be the presence of a diamond.

Royal Charms

Imagin what Queen Elizabeth carries in her pocketbook? Royal watchers report she carries quite the array of animal related charms – most given to her by her children.

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