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>> Monday, November 24, 2008

The hottest fashion trend this season – freedom of thoughts. If you want a trendy look for this season and want to make a fashion statement of this season just listen to your heart and paint your imagination. Creative and innovative styles are in… read on to help you get started. Challenge all that your grand mom told you, become a fashion rebel or raid her wardrobe and steal the vintage look, and show something innovative on it ! all is good this season.

Color it! : Raw beauty! Choose it wild or choose it chic, Mother Nature's precious gift, colored gemstones add to the kaleidoscope of color this season. Cocktail rings, ridiculously oversized pendants or flashy earrings…

Paint the town red: From ornate, tribal inspired necklaces to vibrant bangles reminiscent of colorful cultures, painted pieces prevail this season. Live it in color.

Abstract art: Get innovative! show your imagination! Combine craft with industrial innovation and create interesting metal work. Unique pieces make you the center of attraction.

Big is in: The perfect accents to pop against a little black dress, these brilliant baubles can be considered quite chic. The secret - keep it simple — let your jewelry do the talking, and wear your jumbo gems with a dark or neutral hue.

Modern vintage: Art Deco designs were way ahead of their time, and these pieces of art from the past are having a modern moment. Creative, geometric and crisp look can truly take you from day to evening.

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