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>> Monday, November 10, 2008

If you are planing to give a friend, relative or loved one something unique and special to match on a special occasion, then you can opt a piece of Irish jewelry for him or her? Irish jewelry pieces are considered as one of the more popular pieces of jewelry that are available in local jewelry stores and over the Internet. Irish jewelry is available in all kind from earrings to wedding anniversary bands. Some reasons why one should consider Irish Jewelry to gift to their loved ones:

Meanings behind the designs

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, Irish jewelry pieces are not just intrinsically designed. The designs that have been used by jewelers crafting these pieces of jewelry have meanings behind these symbols. If you are planning to gift Irish jewelry to your friend or to your loved one you you should get on the meanings behind it before gifting it. For example, if you are looking to give a gift to your beloved then, the Claddagh ring is perhaps the most popular piece, especially among lovers.There is only one design that is used for the Claddagh ring. The design is that of a crown that rests on top of a heart shaped design. This is then held by two hands. Individually, the two hands symbolize friendship. The heart shape is meant to symbolize love and the crown is a symbol of royalty. Taken as a whole, the entire design is meant to depict the meaning "let love and friendship reign."

Available for both genders

Another reason why Irish jewelry pieces have become extremely popular is that most of the pieces
are unisex. This means that it could be worn fashionably by men and women alike. While there are some designs that could tend to be the feminine. This is can be beneficial for those who are looking to give a different gift to a friend who is expecting a baby. Since you are not sure whether the baby would be a boy or a girl, giving this special gift can be very beneficial and can be used by either gender.


The different designs and symbols that are used for the different kinds of Irish jewelry have their roots in the ancient times. Very minimal changes have been done to these designs though they remain to be in fashion to this day. As such, Irish jewelry pieces that have been given as a gift can be treasured as family heirloom which will be passed down from generation to generation.

Priceless craftsmanship

Majority of the pieces of Irish jewelry are made by hand. This make Irish Jewelry to be quite expensive. Each piece of jewelry crafted has been given careful attention down to the smallest detail.

At last, after giving Irish Jewelry to your loved one what will you get is the love that has been developed out of a labor of love, making this more special.

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