Joanne Haywood Jewelry

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joanne Haywood graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001, when she set up as a studio jeweler. Whilst she mainly designs and makes jewelry to be exhibited in galleries, she has also worked as a consultant and artist on a variety of commissions in the UK and internationally. In addition to being a studio jeweler, Joanne is also a lecturer in Art and Design and has taken part in a wide range of teaching projects and residencies.

"My work explores the essence of materials and the permanence of jewelry as physical objects and a transitional idea. Wire compositions are altered by charcoal and wood oxidisation."

"Drawing on the contradiction and conflicts of opposites: Skeletal forms and fleshy volumes, natural and unnatural, the absence of colour and the addition of colour, light and shadow, within and beyond control."

Her jewelry designs are a combination of crocheted / knitted cotton with wire compositions. She often designs pieces with opposing ideas, for example the colourless materials mixed with colourful ones, voluminous materials with scanty ones, these theme is very evident in her work as seen below.

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