Silver Jewelry-Wear Rules

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now a days wearing jewelry is in big fashion. Silver jewelry is a special thing in your daily life. But how to wear the best jewelry that make you look good and a canter of attraction in a group. You should find the best way to wear it. Maybe you are very confused or puzzled how to choose a silver jewelry for your cloth. Now there are some rules that can help you out.

1. Professional clothes should come together with simple\ fine style silver necklace and simple silver earrings.

2. Leisure clothes should come together with special\ exaggerate style silver necklace.

3. Lovely clothes can come together with silver bracelet with a little bell. It will let you very happy and lovely.

4. Silver jewelry with colorful gem stone should go together with young girl.

5. Tibet silver jewelry must not go together with gold\golden jewelry. But different style silver jewelry can wear at the same time.

6. Tibet silver jewelry must not to together with professional cloth. It will let others think you are not professional person.

7. When you attend party or wear the gorgeous dress, you should come together with silver jewelry with diamond or other gem.

8. Silver jewelry will be oxidized and some part will turn to black. Please don’t worry about it will affect you image. It looks like retro style. It’s another sense of silver jewelry.

9. Silver jewelry belong to fashion things. Prepare more styles in order to change to wear.

These were the some rules to wear silver jewelry. This would help to increase your personality and gives you a smart look.


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