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>> Friday, January 9, 2009

Today I would like to show you some of the good jewelry of Arizona designer and the name of the designer is Kayci Ayers. Kayci is designing and creating Jewelry for nearly seven years and uses only the highest quality components such as Swarovski Crystals and pearls , Freshwater Pearls, Genuine Gemstones and Sterling Silver. One more good thing about the jewelry is its very affordable and you can wear it when you wish to wear them

Some of the great creations of Kayci :

Pearl Bracelet- sized to fit a pre-teen girl or a grown woman with a tiny wrist. Larger pearls are capped with sterling silver. $15

This necklace will fit any little girl under the age of eight. It's made using lots of Swarovski- pearls, crystal roundels, and garnet bicones and sterling silver. The garnet is a nearly black-red. $30

Swarovski chocolate pearl and crystal necklace. The perfect length to wear with everything! It hangs right at the collar bone. $20

Loaded Pink Crystals and pearl necklace. Fits an adult right at the collarbone. $30

These are HUGE black and Large clear rounds with pewter bead caps and a GORGEOUS pendant. It hangs a few inches below your collarbone and it's STUNNING in person! $35

for more of kayci's jewelry click here

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