Looking At Jewelry Patterns Over The Years

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The history of mankind has undergone a series of changes and upheavals in the past. These changes have totally transformed the face of human history. It is also quite interesting to know the way these changes reflect themselves in the patterns of the modern designer jewelry.

For instance, it is a well-known fact that the jewelry designers, such as Tiffany have always tried to depict the dropping of the atom bomb in the shape of starbursts and multiple sprays of diamonds. Overall, it is quite accurate to say that the modern day jewelry is reflective of the events that in some way or the other have helped shape our destiny.

Time of Use

Experts on the subject also indicate that the time of the day you wear your jewelry in can also make a difference to the other aspects. For those jewelry lovers who are interested to wear gold ornaments in the daytime, the modern designer jewelry range has a lot to offer. These include Florentine and mesh finishes, foxtail chains and the like. Talking of the significance of history in shaping the jewelry patterns, it is a famous fact that a delicate-looking string of cultured pearls was the trademark signature style of the rich and famous throughout all of the fifties.

Moving On

Meanwhile, the sixties witnessed a dramatic change in the patterns of the modern designer jewelry. The likes of the hybrid jewelry items gained immense popularity and women started accepting unconventional pieces made of silver, gemstones and geode crystals, moving on from the typical diamonds, gold and platinum for wedding and engagement rings.

The seventies saw a yet another metamorphosis in the designer jewelry patterns for women. With the dawn of feminism and women's movement, the fashion jewelry for women took on a new face altogether. The materials used changed to interesting and innovative metals like wood, ivory, rock crystals and coral.

Meanwhile, with the arrival of eighties and early nineties, when people gained more affluence, the style of jewelry further moved on to the glamorous and glitzy styles. It was from this moment that a new trend was started which goes on even till date. Modern designer jewelry seems to be made from hybrid as well as non-precious metals, while new techniques are being extensively used in order to design multicolored diamonds and pearl jewelry. Another popular addition to the series is the Precious Metal Clay or PMC, which is being widely used along with gemstones, making the modern designs all the more unique.

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