Magnetic Jewelry

>> Monday, January 5, 2009

Magnetic therapy has been practiced and used since ages and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have been using it to release blocked vital energy (life force known as chi or Qi). People who use magnetic therapy also say that magnetic fields improve blood circulation and aid in fracture healing, treating urinary incontinence and relieving pain. Other ailments that have benefited from magnetic therapy include digestive problems, diabetes, fibromyalgia, headaches and skin disease. Research has also found new areas of holistic healing in psychological problems including depression and anxiety.

Modern day magnetic therapy has come a long way, a mineral with magnetic properties, were used to treat people. Today research has discovered that ferrite and rare earth magnets, unlike iron, have greater resistance to demagnetization. This feature permits magnets to be assembled on a variety of thin products that can be applied to the body. The incredible strength that rare earth magnets possess, has made it possible that products such as magnetic health jewelry are available to the general public for therapeutic use. It is only natural that the same benefits are now made available for promoting healthy pets with the aid of magnetic pet products.

An added benefit of personalized magnetic jewelry is that it will become treasured heirloom piece. When you wear Magnetic Jewelry, the only thing you have to loss is Pain and you are also wearing beautiful piece of jewelry.

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