Jewelry At The Oscars

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Jewelry at Oscar Awards
Howdy folks! The Oscar night is approaching and everyone around is wondering about the blast at the Oscars. I am excited because I want to know what kind of jewelry these Hollywood Celebrities wear to make a fashion statement. Every year at the Oscar Awards we see a new blend of Jewelry and and clothing worn by the Hollywood celebrities. How attractive and enchanting it looks when we see a trophy held in hands beautifully decorated with jewelry. Its even more jaw dropping when we hear about the cost of these evenly assets these celebrities have access to.

Expensive Jewelry at Oscar AwardsYou must have noticed that celebrities never repeat the clothes and jewelry they wear to the Red Carpet. This means that they must be shopping every now and then, and so what do they do with their older stuff when they don't repeat it, and how do they manage to shop for every event. Many questions arise in our minds right? But in reality these celebrities can afford to buy a new dress and jewelry for every occassion, but they don't require to. Jewelry designers, fashion designers and dealers, in order to advertise for their beautiful and expensive belongings, loan them to the celebrities. They design an inventory for a specific event and then ask a celebrity to choose from that inventory. Designers are few but the stars are many, So, one designer has to work with multiple stars, thus they need to be careful not to duplicate an item.

Jewelry worn by different celebrities at Oscar AwardsThese clothes and jewelry are also auctioned after they have been worn by a Celebrity, for the purpose of earning money. The company's designs a worn by an award winner, then this counts to the company's credit. All the jewelry and clothes worn by that award wining celebrity would show off in close ups and will get a lot of attention, that time as well as for the coming years too. Earlier the jewelry designers had problems retrieving their jewelry pieces given to the celebrities on loan. The reason being that the celebrities had some confusion, regarding the return of the jewels. So now most the companies have started taking signature of the celebrities so that they are informed much in advance that the jewelry is on loan and not gifted.

Bracelets worn by Nicole Kiddman at Oscar AwardsPeople involved in this profession include names like Michael Katz, Harry Winston and New Yorker Fred Leighton. Michael Katz is a Beverly Hills jewelry designer and dealer. He is popular among stars because he has the ability to intuitively match people with jewels. Harry Winston's company has a history of association with celebrities. It is a company associated with the celebrities from its beginning. So its a usual brand for the celebrities. The New Yorker Fred Leighton is the same company whose rings can be seen on the right hands of the ladies of the famous series Sex and the City. There are other less famous designers also who are represented too.

In the next post I would divert your attention to the jewelry worn by celebrities in the past few years, at the Oscars.

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