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>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love is in air and you have less then two weeks to come up with a beautiful and unique gift for your sweet heart! Valentine's Day is a day to tell someone that you truly love him/her. It is Geoffrey Chaucer we must thank for the invention of St. Valentine's Day. In his book Parliament of Foules, circa 1380, he described this festival as the day on which every bird chooses its partner. William Shakespeare confirmed this by declaring that the feast of love was to be on February 14th because on that day the birds began to mate.

There are so many ways to describe your intense emotion to your loved ones, but everybody have their own idea and explanation for love. This Valentine's day year surprise your loved one with jewelry. Gift her a jewelry that she remind your love throught the whole year. Gift her even if you need to go out of your way to choose a unique piece that he or she will wear. Remember, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and memories and forget about life's stressors for one day and cherish your relationship.

There many things to gift her this valentine's day like:

Delicious And Unique Valentine's chocolate
Gift her this valentine's with chocolate. But try to give something unique, along with traditional favorites, you may choose unusual flavors such as yield tea, tangerine or hibiscus, Earl Grey Tea, Love Potion, Port Wine, and Wicked Fun --- a spicy dark chocolate with chili pepper and cinnamon. Dont forget to include a card with some beautiful message to show how much you love her.

Red Roses and Romantic Flowers
Red Roses are the evergreen gifts not only for Valentine's day but also for any event as they represent the love, passion and romance you have for your sweetheart. Red roses itself is suffiecient to convey you message to her, as they itself says"I Love You". You can also send flowers online. Find out how to order roses online for Valentine's Day, and before gifting the red roses or bouquet of flowers first know the meaning of different colors of roses.

Send something completely unexpected like gold roses or a variety of Valentine's Day flowers and floral bouquets from various shops.


Jewelry are not the only best friends of women. In fact, any piece of jewelry is bound to put a smile on any women face. So this valentine surprise your sweetheart by giving her beautiful heart shaped jewelry be it a heart pendant, a heart shaped ring, ring can be of any shape or you can even surprise her by giving a charm bracelet or by engraving a message on it. Heart jewelry pieces are now available in many jewelry stores found in the mall and over the Internet.

Some heart pendants to gift your sweetheart on this valentine
A CZ Silver Heart Pendant is a perfect gift to the loved ones! This gorgeous Sterling Silver Heart shape pendant with a combination of blue and white enamel with White cubic zirconias makes a trendy Pendant. This combination brings out the shine and luster of the sterling silver and makes the cubic zirconias twinkle a little brighter. The CZ stone is placed in Bead setting, and in prong setting. This Pendant is a perfect combination of Beauty and delicacy.

Take a bite this winter with the latest fashion trend: fruit jewelry! This Sparkling Sterling Silver Strawberry Pendant is the perfect embodiment of the light, refreshing spirit of winter. Featuring Ruby as Strawberry and Emerald to stimulate the leaves with a Silver base making it perfect for you to wear on any party. Strawberry is the perfect fruit for this rosy winter, and this strawberry pendant is the perfect winter addition to any outfit and adds pizzaz to any outfit.

Your heart will melt for this beautiful Designer Style Sterling Silver Amethyst Heart Pendant! The heart shaped amethyst pendant is absolutely stylish and trendy. Four amethyst stone at the corners and one at the center inside the heart pendant increases its charm and makes it more beautiful and stunning.

Romantic Dinners

Take her to a romantic dinner and make it a special day of her life. This will make her feel special on this lovely valentine's day. Along with the dinner gift her with a beautiful gift. Find a silver box and engrave a special message in the top. Then, write up several small notes that describe thngs you love about your partner to put inside. And give it after the dinner. It will be a nice surprise for her.

Couples Love T-Shirts

Find something special to say to your sweetheart this valentine's day? Why not put your message on a tee shirt. You can find this on several online sites(such as CafePress) that will allow you to upload a message and design a tee shirt exclusively for your partner. Perhaps you have a private joke, funny saying, or line from pop culture you both appreciate. From your heart to theirs, these cute and sexy couple t-shirts and gifts show love has no bounds.

Valentine's Day is the day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's gifts, cards, presenting flowers, jewelry or offering confectionery. The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines."

Some more Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Heart Jewelry

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