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>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sparkling silver jewelry
Silver jewelry have always been in craze and also is accepted all over the world. The chemical name of the silver is AG.The character sticks of this metal is that it is malleable and ductile metal.It means you can make a thin sheet by hitting with the hammer and you can easily pulled into wire. The original form of the silver is soft and it is easily get damage.To get the strength silver is mixed with some other metal.You can mix silver with any metal but mostly it is mixed with Copper.Copper metal increase its durability and strength and increase its shine also. Customized jewellery can be ordered from online stores.
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Silver nose pins comes in wide variety of jewellery designs. The main drawback of silver is that it lost its shininess after a period of time. You can avoid this thing by taking proper care of silver.Silver shines more than the gold floral cluster earrings because of its attractive properties.

Sterling silver is the most popular silver which is used in making silver jewelry.The composition of sterling silver is 92.7% of silver and 7.5% of copper. Silver is always remain in fashion.Its very comfortable to wear and look very decent. Sterling silver is stamped with the following quality marks:

• sterling silver
• sterling
• ster
• .925

Take care of your jewelry by following simple steps.Keep your silver jewelry in different box ,wrap with cotton.Always avoid exposing it to household chemicals, such as bleach or chlorinated water.

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