Medical use of silver

>> Monday, May 11, 2009


The old civilization of Greece and Rome use silver to protect their body infection and prevent food from spoilage.They also use silver to heal their wounds and for ulcer treatment.

The king of Persia which is known as Iran used silver container to carry water to prevent contamination.

In 10th centurie silver treatment become very popular in middle east. They used silver ,from cardiovascular disease to bad breath.

In 16th centurie, a Swiss alchemist and physician use silver and other element as Medicine.

In 16th centurie silver may be proactive for plague related disease.

In America's Wild West, silver coins were placed in containers of water and milk to prevent spoilage.

Silver became a popular material for tableware, goblets, cutlery, and food storage containers. It was believed that the silver in these items could kill germs.

Russian used silver lined container to clean river water before drinking.

In last few recent years, silver has been incorporated into many water purification systems.

Silver is used to create most surgical instruments.

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