Silver jewelry of the middle-east

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

This article gives some information regarding silver jewelry of middle east with pictures.The jewelry collected from some region of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Anatolia and South to Yemen. The quality of these pieces inheres in the interesting design and are made up of silver.

Bokara belt

Bokara belt:-This belt belongs to the region of Afghanistan.It is quite common to see Nomads or vendor women in the bazaars, that they decorate herself by these type of jewelry.This type of silver jewelry apparently came into the market during the time of the partition of Pakistan from India and the separation of Palestine into Israel and what is known as the West Bank.

Jordan belt

Jordan belt:-This is very ethnic and designer piece of silver jewelry. It is a delicate belt made of many filigree ornaments, with coins decorating the ends. This is multipurpose belt, you can decorate this belt on yoke or waist of your dress or you can wear as a necklace also.

turkman bracelet

Turk men bracelets:-This is also na antique piece of silver jewelry.This is a heavy silver bracelet with gold polish on it.This bracelet belongs to the region of Anatolia.Workers of Anatolia made this classic piece because of the heritage that they share with the turkmen of Turkmenistan.

Chokes collection

Chokes collection:-This collection is from the region pakistan.Pakistan contribute a great deal of silver jewelry.It is a kind of necklace,made of heavy silver wire.

Yemen jewelry:- The Yemen silver jewelry was into existence from late 1940s to early 1950s. Most of the silver jewelry was made by the Jewish citizen of that country.The yemen jewelres mostly made the jewelry of geometrical figures enemy made silver pendants, silver amulet, silver bead, silver earrings etc.

Yemen pendant

Yemen pendant:-It is made up of silver.Filigree hanging on the pendant.No doudt these jewelry are very classic and not easy to find.

Yemen earrings
Yemen earrings:-One feature distinguishes the Yemeni jewelry is that some of the pieces have signatures of Hebrew names written in Arabic script. Yemeni jewelry design are very different and Yemeni jewelry is famous from 20th century.In today senario jewelers refers to the Yemeni jewelry for design.

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