Diamond - The Most Precious!!

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diamond, the most expensive stone in the world has become the talk to of the town again. This time the buzz is that the local sales of diamond has become double. The indian diamond industry processes 90% of world's polished diamonds. Diamond is such a stone which makes every lady crave for. Diamond jewellery is also very popular in india.
Image Courtesy: Round Diamond Cocktail Jewellery

For special occasion diamonds are worn by people. Diamond goes well with most of the attires one wears. The diamond is said to be extremely rigid and is formed at high temperature. Diamond make a perfect combination with gold be it in gold rings, gold and bracelets, white gold officewear pendants and diamond pendent set etc. These days diamond is also matched with black and white gold as well. People who belong to elite class prefer the most precious stone with most precious metal that is the Platinum. People buy diamond jewellery from online stores.

Diamond and platinum together goes very well and make the most costly combination. However, people try to wear this most expensive stone with least expensive metal that is the silver. People think that they can mix the diamond with silver ring, silver earring, silver bracelet, silver necklace etc. They do not feel that they are trying to cut the cost on the metal but they are actually creating a disastrous combination together. Silver Jewelery can never be paired with any other metal or stone. If one wears them in isolation only then it can be a nice combination.

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