Indian Silver Jewelry

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Silver work in India is the perfect combination of tradition and modern, contemporary style that leave the customers spellbound with its ethnic beauty.
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Made in amazing shaped silver is among the most popular materials for delicate ornaments all over India. Designer silver items are a rage amongst fashion jewellery collectors as they are cost effective and are being given trendy new avatars.

Indian Silver Jewelry

Silver art and crafts:

Tarkashi : Silver filigree work known as tarkashi, which origintaed from Orissa is made with fine silver wires which results into jewelry and small boxes, dainty floral kumkum containers, leaf patterned purses, perfume containers, hairpins, armbands and really delicate necklaces, etc. The worth of sterling silver jewelry is increased by the semi precious stones used in them.

Bidriware : Bidriware, an art form that the Persians brought with them to India. In this type of art an alloy of zinc and other non-ferrous metals are poured into molds and delicate fine patterns of silver are then traced intricately. These art pieces come out with cigar cases bowl, trays, bangles, and cufflinks among others. Certificates are provided by the online suppliers.

Rajasthan and Gujarat are the centre of excellence in silver work. White gold classic earrings, bracelets, heavy pendants in animal motifs, waistbands and anklets are produced jewellery in different ways. Bombay is yet another treasure cave for silver. In the traditional Marwari silver shops you can be mesmerised with the sterling silver Indian dinnerware.

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