Silver Filigree

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

Indian gold fashion jewellery is famous since decades, all over the world. Filigree which is a symbol of excellence is also known as telkari, that means "wire work" is a jewel work of a delicate kind that is made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver or stitching of the same curvy motif.

India is famous for its Filigree work ,it is done with patience because it involves technicality. This type of art consist in curling, twisting and plaiting fine threads of metal, and silver filigree art consists of pure gold and silver work is put through a wire drawing machine by the help of the blowpipe.
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Various designs of this art includes stems, leaves, creepers etc. Articles in plain silver are also made in the shape of boxes, trays, bowls, spoons etc. Silver filigree jewelry of delicate and artistic design is still made throughout the country. Online jewellery shopping in India is continuously increasing and competition among various jewellery website is also increasing.

Filigree silver buttons of wire-work are worn by the peasants in most of the countries that manufacture this kind of jewelry. Silver filigree brooches and buttons are also made in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. White gold drops earrings are very popular now a days.

In Orissa Silver filigree is popularly known as 'Tarkashi'. Silver filigree ornaments for the ladies include necklaces, brooches, ear pendants, anklets, bangles and a fully handmade filigree jewelery design of a sterling pin, which can be worn on both a ladies garment or as a hair piece.

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