Jewelry-A statement of Women

>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jewelry has always been inseparable from women. Initially the quality and worth of the jewelry were the only considerate factors which have slowly shifted towards the trail of individuality. Historically, all major brands across the world marketed their products keeping men in mind, while over the years they are making women centric products, as it has well been identified and verified that women are the potential target customers for the future.

Today the value of the jewelry is not governed by its tag value, but rather with its niche & eccentricity. From pendants to rings, earrings to bracelets woman want a fine piece of jewelry that mirrors her personality adding to her originality. That's the reason why even numerous semi-precious stones are getting increasingly popular as the range & variety displayed by them are desired. Gone are the days when women were satisfied with plain carved gold bangles. Today, the fashion jewellery piece whether small or big needs to be iconic, having a eminent edge to itself.
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Exclusive finery can be offered as presents to near and dear once. To put it well the Designer's creativity is what employs the net worth of a jewelry piece today. Even the traditional industries of diamonds and pearls had to upgrade their designs and use modern technology to keep up with the demands of the female consumer. The latest uprising in the jewelry market is the “gold fashion diamond pendants jewelry”. Women like to remain updated with the latest fashion trends, be it in accessories. Today, they have different definitions for jewelry depending on their outfits, whether, occasion, place of work etc. Womenfolk has indeed forced the jewelry market to change its course in a short period of time. In festivals, surprise offers are provided for customers.

Fashion Jewelry
Contemporary women is often blamed of being hugely individualistic driving away from her role in the family, which is over and again proved false by women successfully. It's a widely noticed trend that earlier women flaunted pendants and other jewelry pieces with their own initials, while today they’re choosing the initials of their children, or spouse sometimes combining several initial pendants of varying lengths to create a layered look. With numerous style statements staged by women from time to time, it is evident that the essence of being a women is reaching greater heights of individuality.

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