Popleys New range of Festive Jewelry

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

Popley Group founded in 1927 in Karachi, is a leading force in luxury business today. It has been the luxury ambassador to India and other South Eastern countries for the past 80 years. Popleys have an assorted portfolio making it the finest International Brand in Luxury & Jewelry designs.

Image Courtesy: Gold Diamond Religious Pendents

Diamond heart pendants keeps your partner happy.  With the Hindu Festive Season on cards, Popleys have launched an exclusive range of Jewelry recently. The range comprises of Gold multistone cluster pendants encrusted with Hindu deities like Lakshmi, Ganesh worshiped by Hindus during the season. With the underpinning of Gold, the pendants are embedded with Diamond crystals, birthing a luminous gamut of Festival spirit encapsulated in soulful Jewelry. You can also gift diamond earrings from online stores.

The collection is on deck in Popley's stores in India and Dubai. Rajiv Popley, director of Popley Group, said: "Each and every piece of jewelry has been created after meticulous research and knowing customer requirements."

Diwali is one of the most important Festivals in India and has great religious significance. It is a common belief that Goddess Lakshmi bestows her devotees with blessings if the Goddess gets allured by the devotee. India is the largest consumer of Gold in the World. People are on a shopping spree with jewelry being their first preference, they prefer Gold jewelry as gifts for their loved ones. Diwali in 2009, is to be celebrated on 17th October, giving new hopes to all in jewelry trade.

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