Indian Bangles

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Bangles are very famous indian jewellery, from the early age bangles are the accessory which is worn by woman. During Indian weddings it is compulsory to wear bangles and after marriage married women have to wear pear classic diamond bangles. But these days there are different design and style of bangles available in the market, with the beautiful pattern. The plastic bangles come in a bunch of either the multiple colours or they consist of the mono colour.
Image Courtesy: Multistone Diamond Bangles

Now jewellery is also available on online stores. There are certain regions that have specific kind of bangles associated with their local traditions, and there are more general colour for bangles, in India you can find different colors, types, designs of colour and some colours of bangles have some significance also like red signifies energy, blue signifies wisdom, green stands for luck or marriage like this every colour has its own significance.

These days for girls also there are different variety of handmade bangles in different material like in lac, wood, silk bangles, and many more, which looks attractive and you can wear these kind of bangles in any occasions, marriages, party etc.

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