Moon Stone- Semi precious Stone

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

Moon stone is a semi-precious stone which is used in making fashion jewellery which represents Moon, this semi-precious stones is normally found as a creamy colour with a glow like moon . This gemstone comes in many colors, from transparent to translucent, basically it is found in bluish or yellowish colour and many other colours also like gray, pink, orange, brown etc. Every colour represents different things, Moonstone is considered feminine stone and basically associated with the fertility and childbearing. Online stores provide jewellery at lower price.


 You can also gift white pear halo pendents. Moonstone helps to soothe stress and anxiety and it vibrates well with the number 4. It is said that after wearing this gemstone person gets pleasant dreams and you can wear Moonstone instead of pearl, it will give you same results like pearl. Princess cut diamond ring is a perfect gift for a new bride.
Image Courtesy: Blue Cocktail Rings

This is very delicate and sophisticate gemstone. Here is various effects of moonstone on people,  so while wearing this stone you have to be very care that there should be no scratch on it, otherwise it will not that much fruitful and give you 100% results. Mainly this gemstone are found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and United States.

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