Convert Old Jewellery into Stylish Baubles

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Got bored of your daily wear and old jewellery, then don't worry there is a solution for now you can convert your old jewellery into very stylish Baubles, like if you a necklace that is no more stylish then to add more style you can add beads and decorate it with unique pendant that will really give you contemporary style, really some coloured beads can add magic to your old stuff.

To serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your necklace there are very dramatic and exclusive pendants, as you can make your jewellery very special by using some unique ways, if you have old clip-on earrings, you can clip them on to a pair of plain pumps, and if you have a chain necklace then to give some exclusive and trendy style just wrap it around your wrist. If you want to gift pendent then heart pendent is a perfect gift.

Image Courtesy: White Pear Everyday Pendents

online jewellery shopping provides best choice in earrings online. Another fascinating way to make your old Jewellery special, like you can glue an old clip-on earring along with the clip, to make a very stylish gold cocktail engagement rings. One more interesting way to make your old jewellery special is just try and make artsy collage pins from your old ear rings, even to create a special effect you can also glue the old earrings on the metal disc, you need to attach the pin back. This is an exclusive gold and pearl floral brooch for your jacket.

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