Jadau Jewellery

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is the most ethnic kind of jewellery, a real example of high skilled craftsmanship and it is a gift of Mughals, very favourite of everyone Jadau Jewellery in india, it is also called as engraved jewellery very unique in itself it is also regarded as traditional jewelery of India and whatever the occasion is whether it is a festival or a marriage it is really incomplete without this very ethnic Jadau Jewellery.

This Jewellery is a blend of gems, precious and semi precious stones, beads and crystals basically they are embedded in gold as the metal is melted a bit at first, the moment gold is pliable these stones are carefully placed and set with great precision along with an artistic sense, after the fixation of gems, stones and crystals the Jewellery piece is allowed to get cooled down, there is not use of any adhesive at all. Indian gold jewellery online shopping saves your time and also saves you from traffic jams and weekend crowd.

Jadau Jewellery
Image Courtesy: Yellow Gold Multistone Jewelry

Through online shopping you can also find various styles in diamond jewelry. Jadau Jewellery is an art basically introduced by Mughalsfurther it was made popular by Indian craftsman s they put all their indigenous jewelry skills to make it more eye catchy and artistic, now a days this art in just not confined stone jewelery although it has come out on delicate showpieces and jewelry boxes .As a central stone un cut diamonds called polki or vilandi are used .

The stone setters first set it on a silver foil after that they fuse it with a finishing pure gold, Jadau work needs great care, like chiterias make the basic design, for engraving and holes ghaarias are responsible, Meenakari work is done by enameller as well as goldsmith handles kundan and gold wedding solitaire rings.

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