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Ametrine is known as Trystine, it's trade name is Bolivianite. Ametrine is a blend of citrine and amethyst with yellow, purple and orange zones. It's deposits are found in India and Brazil. It's shape is rectangular with a 50-50 pairing of citrine and amethyst. Bolivia's Anahi Mine is the only mine in the world from where the stone is extracted.It is seventeenth century's mine. Initially, ametrine was introduced to Europe by a conquistador's gifts to the Spanish Queen. Various latest fashion jewelery designs are available in market in amertine stone.

AmetrineAmetrine possess the colour of two gems,one can have two colours in single gem for the price of multistone classic coloured stone earrings one only.The different colours are visible due to different oxidation states of iron with the crystal itself. Artificial ametrine is extracted out by differential heat treatment of amethyst.It is very popular gem stone among the artistic carvers and cutters, the artisans create landscapes in the stones.
Now a days diamonds are considered very precious but amertine stone is also a precious stone after diamond.

Ametrine is most frequently used in a variety of Jewellery, this stone is not so expensive.It also helps in attaining a balance between the material and the spiritual world. Ametrine gives mental peace, it also provides mental opening for inspiration and meditation. It harmonise the co-operation with others. Ametrine has its special importance among Jewellery makers.

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