Heart Diamond Pendants A Good Gift for Anniversary

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In India, jewelry items mostly come with a touch of holiness. The jewelry items like pendants, rings, necklaces, tanmaniya, earrings, no item is left out that cannot be carved away with Hindu mythological characters. The Gods whose images are shaped out of final jewelery, are mostly Ganesha, Lord Rama, Krishna and of-course the famous om signature.

Gold Om Pendants

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Another form of pendants, apart from gold pendants that are usually used in making the jewelery, is the platinum or diamond pendant. In the season of Valentine's or on the occasion of anniversary, the heart diamond pendant is sold alot. heart diamond pendants has many variations in design on the shape of heart. Lets take a peek at the unusual designs. Key design, is one in which the holding end of the key is given the shape of the heart. And the rest of the body can be plated with the suitable metal.

Different adornments are worn for varied functions. Part yellow gold, part white gold heart pendant with diamond placed on the curvy ends is another design. A famous and old design, is that of all diamond heart, where small pieces of diamond stones are spread uniformly upon heart shaped metal. Then comes halo/pave design, in which heart shape is covered by another similarly shaped metal covering. Just a little variation in the design brings out a new one. Where any of the portion of heart is decided and upon it, bigger and bigger heart shapes are repeated. To say in a layman language, a heart inside a heart inside another heart. Pear multistone Diamond pendants are also one of the best style of pendant.

Many jewellery items are available on online stores. Coming back on elaborating the holy pendants. Krishna pendants outline the image of Lord Krishna, amongst the popular images are, Krishna playing his flute, Krishna giving blessing. In more innovative designs, its simply the feather with a flute and sometimes Krishna's mate Radha too is sculpted. diamond pendants on the other hand, come up with innovative designs too, like Ganesha's trunk mixed with om symbol. Or encircled om symbol with platinum metal or white gold. Or even om symbol with Diamonds spread on all the curves.

If one wishes to buy holy jewelery pertaining to Hindu mythology Indian markets have extensive variety with quality. And the stock is not limited. The designs are sold irrespective of season. Since in almost every month of Indian calender, there is a festival, and that all the festivals some or the other how have religious significance to the natives.

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