Cluster Design is both Conventional and Contemporary

>> Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cluster diamond rings are not really new in the market. They have been in use from many decades. But, with the arrival of new trends in jewelry, this jewelry is out of vogue for the past few years. Nowadays, this design is again making a comeback in the jewelry fashion world and becoming the finest and suitable jewelry for occasions like wedding and jewelry. The design of cluster is very beautiful and makes the entire jewelry piece look heavy and grand. In this beautiful design, there will be a solitary diamond and several small diamond stones, surround it. In some rings, the setting of several small diamonds, make them appear as one large diamond from the distance. Such style is indeed very classic and conventional that boasts a particular charm. On the other hand, this style in specific, is quite popular among people as they would get to pay a bit less price for the total weight of all small stones than for a large sized diamond. Besides, individuals will get more number of diamonds for the money they shell out for this jewelry piece. White gold pear rings in a cluster design gives out a different and sophisticated look. It is also a sign of lavishness, wealth and glitter.

Floral Cluster Pendants

Image Courtesy: Floral Cluster Pendants

The cluster design is not only limited to rings but ornaments such as earrings, tanmaniya and pendants, in specific. A Pendant in cluster design look amazing and gives an elegant look to the wearer. Pendants with such design can come with a combination of diamond stones that can range from three to five or multistones. Apart from diamonds, people can shop for this jewelry in their favorite gemstones or a blend of them. The price factor for both pendants and rings of cluster designs remains almost reasonable. This is because of the weight of many diamonds that equals to the quality of a large sized solitaire diamond. Both these jewelry pieces become one of the finest gifts for loved ones on special occasions. Since, jewelry also symbolizes love and relationships, they are ideal gifts for couples. More than the land based jewelry shops, the stores which operate over internet offer a wide array of ornaments to shoppers. Individuals can find their favorite cluster diamond rings and pendants at very reasonable prices by doing Online Jewellery Shopping In India. This is the most convenient way of shopping where people can not only take a look at all the available ornaments but also compare their prices, offered by different companies.

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