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>> Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Indian culture, mangalsutra is very popular. It is a kind of necklace, which is traditionally used in a Hindu culture after wedding. These mangalsutras comes in different different styles and varities ranging from short to long and simple to flashy. No doubt, gold will never get out of fashion, but now a days, diamond mangalsutra are getting very much popular. These diamond mangalsutras, are deeply rooted in tradition, but at the same time these diamond mangalsutras are very much in fashion and are very trendy. It is said that, married women wears mangalsutras, to save the life of their husbands and to protect their mariiage. It is said that the black beeds of mangalsutra, protects the couple from evil eyes. Mangalsutra are always worn by women as a symbol of love and dedication.

Gold Trinity Pendants

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You can easily purchase diamond mangalsutra from any market shop or from any online gold jewelry stores. In the past, a mangalsutra was made up of pieces of gold contributed from the families of both, bride and the groom. Metal was melted and then used for making gold pendant for mangalsutra. Then the cocktail classic diamond pendant is hung on a yellow thread, in a gold string, or in a chain of black beads. In wedding ceremony, this mangalsutra is tied on the bride neck by the groom. This is a symbol of their union, it is like a traditional wedding band, and a women has to worn this mangalsutra throughout her life, until death.

Most of the couples purchases pre-made diamond mangalsutra, from the available huge range and variety of these diamond mangalsutras. The price of diamond mangalsutras varies according to the design and material used. Although diamond mangalsutras are very expensive, but now a days there several dioamond mangalsutras, which are quite affordable. No doubt, that they are not exactly like custom-made anymore, but these pieces of jewellery still have a great amount of detail. Their shapes are much intricate, and are perfect for any beautifull bride.

Due it's elegance and meaningful tradition of these diamond mangalsutras have slowly getting trendy. Originally mangalsutra were made up of two strings of small black beads, having two rows running together, and having a pendant.The pendant has a slightly curved design, having a bunch of black and white beads. Pendant is generally made up of gold. But now a days, diamond trinity pendants and other diamond and precious stones pendants are much in fashion.


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