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>> Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There can be no woman on this Earth, who does not enjoy wearing jewelry. The pices of jewelry excites women the most than any other thing. Particularly, in India, jewelry holds a lot of significance rather than, just being a piece of adornment. The traditional jewelry of India is associated with the long followed customs and traditions and plays a key role in marriages. In such occasions, gold ornaments are mostly preferred as they represent love and relationships. In addition to that, gold is more elegant than any other metal. Hence, the most important type of jewelry that is considered as the essence of every married women in the country is mangalsutra. It is usually made with a string of black beads along with a pendant. But nowadays, with the effect of the change in fashion trends, more Gold Mangalsutra Designs are being introduced for women who love both traditional and modern styles. Although, the designs have changed but its value is still the same. It is mostly the gold metal used for the pendant in mangalsutra but most of the latest designs have now replaced the gold with trinity classic diamond pendants. Alike gold, diamonds are also the favorite of women. Other than mangalsutra, there are also other ornaments which are important for the bride such as rings and earrings.

Gold Earrings Collections

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Not only for the wedding occasion but in general, several Gold Earrings Collections can be found with almost every women. Earrings are like those accessories which ladies make sure of wearing them daily. There are a lot of styles and designs in earrings to choose from in both traditional and modern type of jewelry. There are studs, drops, dangles, hoops, floral style earrings that come in fusion, herarts, cluster, and classic designs. Selecting specific design or style should be according to the interest and likes of the bride but when it comes to the metal quality, it is better to choose only those gold earrings the karat weight of which should be 14, 18 and 22k. 24K indicates to the pure gold but it is not much apt to purchase as it is very soft and moulds easily. Rings, on the other hand, are also very important pieces of jewelry mainly used during engagement event. A diamond engagement ring is a sign of love and trust and the would-be couples must be careful while selecting the right Design Diamond Ring. The highlight of a diamond ring is the cut of the stone. There are several wonderful cuts of the stone like round, marquise, emerald, pear, heart and princess cut etc. Couples must choose the one which they like the most and to add to their appearance.

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