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>> Monday, March 11, 2013

The most important marital jewellery is the Mangalsutra which is mandatory and no marriage is complete without the groom gifting this to the bride. In North India this is a chain of black beads interlaced with golden ones and a big gold pendant. In Central India it is a necklace of tiny bowls which are threaded together.Nowadays costume jewellery is becoming very popular because its cheaper and made to match the garments worn.This lends an air of flexibility to the entire jewellery setup. Diamond mangalsutra is very popular among the elite,sophisticated and modern womenfolk. The most wonderful diamond mangalsutra have motifs from seeds,feathers,leaves,fruits,berries,flowers etc. Nowadays abstract designs and various other themes are incorporated into the diamond mangalsutra.The modern designs tend to be dramatic and abstract though they try to keep to the traditional mould as it is a wedding jewellery. Many designers today are working with non-traditional materials and designs and coming up with a fantastic array of designer diamond mangalsutra that are fit for the elegant Indian bride keeping in tune with the auspicious occasion and making great headway in jewellery design and manufacture.The spark of a diamond is believed to spark a blissful marital life!

Diamond Floral Earrings

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The marquise cut has been used for centuries and is still one of the more popular cuts. Marquise earrings commonly featuring the marquise cut are diamond studs,although they can be featured on many other styles as well. The shape of the marquise is an elongated oval with pointed ends. Its history is quite rich and the marquise is considered one of the oldest diamond cuts. If one’s on a tight budget but want a stunning diamond earring, one can choose silver or white gold as a base metal and choose a simple design showcasing a diamond with marquise cut. This is because diamonds with marquise-cut look bigger than diamonds with other cuts of same carat weight.When one is seeking delicate studs cluster diamond earrings which makesa one a lot more sensual than ever before,then marquise earrings are ideal.

The lovely online collection of earrings with glittering diamonds features an array of beautiful,classy styles and designs attracting both men and women towards these diamond jewelry items. Depending on occasion, style and budget there are different types of diamond earrings available at reputed diamond jewelry stores. Among the other popular styles,diamond floral earrings are super favorites among all age groups of women. To be in the trend,earrings that are inspired by blooms from delicate lilies to big blossom statements are must ! The petite diamond floral earrings are best for baby girls too as they don’t look over the top and are subtle. One can also go for big cluster of stones in floral motifs to go with floral print attires. So, the key to make style statement is floral earrings with classic dresses and let others do the talking!

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