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>> Monday, March 11, 2013

In Indian culture, it is very much essential for a married woman, to wear gold mangalsutra, which is considered to be highly sacred and auspicious, in Indian culture. A married woman has to wear magalsutra all the time, throughout her life, until the death of her husband. A mangalsuta stands for marriage, loyalty, dedication and commitment. Like in Europe couple exchanges rings at the time of marriage, similarly in India groom ties mangalsutra around his brides neck, and this symbolizes that the groom is receiving her from her father. It is just like a prestigious token of gift offered to the bride, by her husband at the time of marriage.

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It is also considered that women wears mangalsutra to protect her marriage and the life o her husband from evil eyes. And according to Indian culture, there are mainly five signs of marital status of a woman, and they are, sindoor, mangalsutra, toe rings, bangles and nose ring, and among all these, mangalsutra is the utter most important thing. Generally mangalsutra is made up of two strings having small black beads along with a gold single stone pendant. And the strings are made out of small black beads which have two rows running together. In the market you can see numerous types of mangalsutra in various designs, size and patterns, like gold mangalsutra, diamond mangalsutra, etc. However traditionally mangalsutra has a gold pendant having a slightly curved design, along with a bunch of black and white beads hanging. Now a days diamond and titanium pendants, along with precious and semi precious stones studded, are in great fashion and demand. And like we can easily find latest earrings collection or daily wear gold bangles designs, similarly you can also find latest and durable gold mangalutras in the market.

North Indian people calls it "Managalsutra", whereas south Indian people calls it "Thali". Basically it is a small gold ornament, strung on a cotton cord or on a gold chain. Then thalis are of different designs, shapes and sizes, according to different communities and their culture. No doubt that the style and fashion of mangalsutras keeps on changing regularly, but the craze and demand of mangalsutra has never weakened up. Now a days, people are purchasing jeweleries, as an investing purpose also, and for this purpose mangalsutras are the best. Today you can easily find designer and branded mangalsutra, beautifully crafted and having fine finish and luster.

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