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>> Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mangalsutras are an important part of all Hindu marriages. These usually symbolize the union of two souls. These are made of black beads that separate them from other jewellery. The traditional ones usually have a chain of beads with a pendant attached to them. The popular ones have chains of gold or silver beads placed in between the black beads. A diamond mangalsutra is a unique combination of class, style as well as tradition.

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Due to the popularity of diamonds at the recent times, the usual silver and gold pendants of these mangalsutras are replaced with diamond pendants. Though the time has changed a lot, but the demand and popularity of mangalsutras have remained unchanged. The present generation of women looks for unique as well as out of the box designs in their mangalsutras. Therefore a gold anniversary classic diamond pendants mangalsutra is thus a perfect balance of elegance and style. One can choose from small beads as well as large beads mangalsutras according to their preference. The size as well as the shape of the diamond is also a criterion for these mangalsutras. However mostly the round cut diamonds are used in these mangalsutras.

To get a more stylish look many small diamonds are too attached in these mangalsutras as well. Due to the growing popularity of mangalsutras, jewellers are trying to bring in mangalsutras with diamonds attached to them. These mangalsutras compliments each and very outfit. One can wear them with traditional as well as western outfit. These look absolutely stylish and gorgeous with sari or even jeans and top. These mangalsutras has also bridged the gap between looking traditional and stylish. There are various shapes and designs available of the pendants used in these mangalsutras. One can even pick up a heart pendant like beautiful designs are found online too for the mangalsutra.

One can purchase diamond mangalsutra from online jewellery stores as they are available at all leading stores. A very light and thin pendant with a narrow string of beads can be worn with almost any outfit and anywhere. The price of these mangalsutras of diamond depends on their designs. One can purchase them from various online stores that bring in the latest collection of these jewellery. Of all the various types of mangalsutras, tanmaniya is still the most popular ones. Along with mangalsutras one can also buy marquise earrings to match it. These mangalsutras are also great gifts for any occasion, be it wedding or anniversaries gifts.

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