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>> Friday, April 5, 2013

Jewellery is a word which goes side by side with the word women or you can even say the word jewellery act as synonym for women. You see jewellery in gold, platinum, diamond, silver even you have it in white gold. Jewellery in gold seems to be a part of every woman’s world or we can re phrase it and with full assurance we say can it that yes gold earring designs jewellery is a part of every women’s world. I am sure every girl would definitely own atleast a pair of gold earrings if we keep aside about owing other jewellery stuff. When we are small little tiny tots our mother’s used to take us to the jeweller to get our ear pierced which makes a place for the earrings to fit in.

Single Stone Engagement Rings

                 Image Courtesy : single stone engagement rings

There is a variety of gold earring designs where the number of designs for earrings grows and decreases. Like if you checking out designs for your tiny tot toddler princess you would have a very limited range to choose from as the baby’s ear is as small as you start growing the range for earrings also grows. Even the gold earrings designs are limited to the type of earring, suppose lets say some women want to have those hanging earrings and some likes to go with studs only, here the differentiation line comes for variety in earrings designs.

As the variety of earnings grows with our growing years same ways our desire for jewellery increases and on some occasions the rituals aren't completed with rings like your engagement isn’t complete without your engagement ring. Single Stone Engagement Rings marks a trend these days. You can get beautiful design for engagement single stone classic diamond rings in diamond and gold. Where with gold rings the whole ring is be made of gold with a diamond stone at center of the ring whereas in diamond ring,  the whole ring is made out of white gold with a diamond in the center. Apart from engagement ring, if you want to have a ring for yourself you can substitute diamond stone with your birthstone.

Some wear rings with birthstone with choice and some out of force as asked by their astrologer. You can buy jewellery from Best Online Jewelry Stores like tiffany, stylism, blue line and have a look at their best collection of jewellery whether it could be earrings, rings, bangles, necklace and that to by just sitting at home without going anywhere. Online jewellery shopping provides you to get the royal expensive jewellery with the advantage of comparing the collections of major jewellery portals at one place with exciting offers and discounts. So all you girls out there, don’t think to buy the stuff that goes parallel to us.

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