Gold Jewellery Line for Kids and teenagers

>> Tuesday, October 1, 2013

After launch of designer outfits and accessories, kids and teenage jewellery have been designed by the jewellers. Gold is widely used in such ornaments. We can buy gold jewelry online India and from the malls or authorised jewelery shops. There are various styles and designs for both girls and boy. There are chains, bracelets and gold rings for boys. This is altogetrher new category in gold jewellery for infants, adolescent and teenagers. Age for this is from 0 to 20 years. Normally 18K and 22K gold is used. Attractive colours are used in ornaments like bracelets, rings and pendants. These are the most popular among this young parents and teenagers. For example a butterfly shaped pendant with a flower engraved on it and bracelet for boys with a big gemstone.

18K Gold Nose Pins

 Image Courtesy- 18K Gold Nose Pins

Indians are superstitious and traditional. They think that a goddess takes care of the infants. She comes in their dreams and make them laugh or cry. To symbolize that goddess people use jewellery. They keep the image of her on pendants so that she may remain very close to the child. She is named differently in different states, such as satvi or jivti in the state of Maharashtra and bemata in the northern states. Some people pierce the ears of the infants because its easy to do that while they are sleeping. At this tender age their skin of the ear lobe is very thin and so piercing becomes very easy. Mainly in Maharashtra and Gujarat we can see piercing at that age of just 2 or 3 months. There are 18K gold nose pins, earrings with gold wire, gold ring style earrings.

Parents also like to see their infants wearing waist band or kamar bandh, earrings, bangles or trendy bracelets and payal. There are rare parents who do nose piercing so early. But ear piercing is very popular. There are also trendy and fashionable ornaments in the market for teenagers. There are some personalized gifts to give them on various occasions. There are special ornaments for preteens also. We can see heart shaped pendant, Alphabetical rings and earrings. There are cross shaped, aum, religious pendants for boys. For the boys the jewellery designs are minimal and the ornaments made are slightly on the heavier side, where as the variety of ornaments for girls are delicate, thin and fragile. They look very pretty and charming. Moreover the designs for jewellery for girls is also more.

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