Is navaratna jewelry safe to be worn without vedic consultation

>> Saturday, November 16, 2013

Navaratna, the word has originated from the Sanskrit which means “nine gems”. The jewellery crafted with nine gems is of significance in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The nine gems of navaratna are ruby (Sun), pearl (Moon), red coral (Mars), emerald (Mercury), yellow sapphire (Jupiter), diamond (Venus), blue sapphire (Saturn), hessonite or gomed (Rahu) and cat’s eye (Ketu). As per the Hindu mythology, the life of a human being on earth is said to have an impact over it by the nine planets and wearing the Beautiful navaratna jewelry puts up a beneficial astrological balance on the life of the wearer. But it should be worn only after consulting an astrologer and in accordance with the horoscope, as it has both positive and negative effects. Navaratna jewelry encompasses the different varieties of jewellery pieces including bracelets, mala necklace, pendant, earrings, valentine necklace, anklets, armlets, trinkets, bangles and tikka. Ruby is always in the centre of the jewelry as the Sun is the centre of the universe. The jewelry is available in both gold and silver.

navaratna jewelry

The ring designs in navaratna are generally in square, round and floral patterns. The nine gems are arranged in 3 rows and 3 columns with ruby in the centre. Navaratna ring price is mainly determined adding up the value of all the nine gemstones and metal used for making it (gold or silver). Generally they are made in 22k gold, but the level of purity of gold used also varies (may be 14k or 18k). The rings in silver are less in cost as compared to those in gold. The gold navaratna ring price starts at around 9,000 INR with 18k gold. High quality navaratna rings can found on online stores, which also offer discounts on the making charges and provide certified jewelry. and Indian Breautiful Gold Jewellery Designs Catching Up In Trend.

Wearing the navratna pendants is said to energize you with harmonious planetary energy. But first consult with a good astrologer who knows about the gemstones before going to buy it. It should be worn only if it suits you. Otherwise it may have a negative effect on you. The shapes and patterns in which the nine gemstones are arranged to form the pendant vary a lot. They may be in circular, heart, floral, star, rhombus, leaf, Om, Swastik, Ganesha and Murli Mnaohar patterns. These patterns are such that you can use them for wearing every day, at office or at any other special occasion.

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