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Jewelry Color Trend for Summer 2008
When it comes to jewelry trend every one is confused what to wear and what to not. We must give consideration to the jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants which we’ll be wearing. We are here presenting the latest color trends in jewelry

Color Trend for Bride

The trend has gone when only pearls or clear crystals were considered as "bridal". Today colorful jewelry is preferred like something blue, a touch of champagne to coordinate with a gown, or fuchsia, which makes blue topaz and aquamarine a fun way to make a colorful statement in fashion. Also, purple color will lend to the popularity of amethyst while shades of green will add even more value to the peridot gemstone.

The gorgeous natural hues of gemstones and freshwater pearls are also in. Multicolor gemstone jewelry (choose your favorite color) is what today’s bride prefers.
And don’t forget black, the most happening and blasting color. A black colored necklace beaded with crystal can be a very bold and dramatic statement.

Color Trend for All
As the summer season approaches, jewelry lovers will see shades of pink come into trend in a huge way, which means that gemstones like pink topaz, rose quartz and even pink pearls will be popular picks for the upcoming months.
Jewelry lovers can expect to see some neutral or natural tones in jewelry. Stone like lemon quartz, Citrine, grey pearls and champagne diamonds will be good picks for those who want to go with the trends. When it comes to diamonds, one affordable and alternative way is champagne or chocolate cubic zirconia, recognized as the finest diamond simulant in the world.
If you are not able to afford the genuine gemstones, you can go to find deals in the colors of cubic zirconia.
So, If you're looking to add more pieces to your collection, then go and select the jewelry with your favorite colors and gemstones.


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