Jewelry Trends at The Academy Awards 2009

>> Saturday, December 21, 2013

Freida Pinto at The OscarsThe designers design jewelry and the Celebrities show off that jewelry and set up fashion trends. This year though America was facing excessive recession, but this low mood was not apparent at the Academy Awards this year. At the Academy Awards diamonds and platinum was once again in demand. Of course the Jewelry styles were varied as usual but stacked bangles continued to be popular. Another style of jewelry that was popular among celebrities this year were large cocktail rings and chunky and long necklaces.

Even the males were not behind as Mickey Rourke wore several pieces of jewelry but the most important one was a necklace with a picture of his 18-year old Chihauhau, Loki, who died just a week before the presentations. Our very own Freida Pinto wore large diamond pendant earrings with her blue gown, along with a diamond ring which she claimed, had been mined 150 years ago in India. Anne Hathaway, the princess of the Princess Diaries was looking no less than a princess with her usual Cartier jewelry. Her jewelry was all fashioned from diamonds and platinum and also included contemporary and vintage pieces. She was wearing jewelry worth around $1.25 million along with the watch bracelet that's regarded as priceless.

Angelina Jolie the Mrs Smith of Hollywood was wearing green colored pendent earrings, a contrast to her black colored gown. Amy Adams wore a large, colorful necklace from Fred Leighton. Virginia Madsen wore beautiful angular gold and diamond earrings along with her asymmetrical red gown. Heidi Klum who is known for a good taste of jewelry had different colored bangles on her left arm, that provided a good match up with her cocktail rings and large chandelier earrings. Kate Winslet who showed up at the event wearing a shiny Grey gown having a bluish tinge in it, had worn diamond earrings, a diamond bracelet and a silver ring to provide more elegance to her look. Evan Rachel was draped in a beautiful gown with a fabulous looking Wood's darkened diamond necklace and Neil Lane's platinum chandelier earrings. Adding to the beauty of the glittering actress were a diamond bracelet and a diamond ring.

Vanessa Hudgens grabbed attention with long, pendant earrings that were fashioned to match the colors in her gown. Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson arrived together at the venue. Viola was wearing a halterneck golden gown with a diamond bracelet around her wrist, while Taraji P. Henson was wearing a white strapless gown with a silver necklace and silver earrings. Miley Cyrus glittered throughout the event with diamond embedded platinum earrings. The Diamonds in her earrings were worht $500,000 and were designed by Neil Lane. Her pearl, diamond and platinum ring added to her beauty. Diane Lane had worn a darkened diamond and platinum fringed necklace again designed by Neil Lane and a bracelet, earrings and two rings that all made of diamond and platinum.

Sarah Jessica Parker the star of the Sex and the City series was different from others as she was dressed simply, but was looking stunning even in her simple look, with a smart belt around her waist and a gold bracelet on her hand. Robert Downey Jr. came with his wife Susan Downey, who was draped a red gown with a beautiful jewel like belt around her waist and a gold ring embedded with diamonds. Robert Downey on the other hand wore a Cartier white gold and diamond watch that had a black crocodile strap. Samantha Harris was also present at the ceremony, wearing a blue gown, with a diamond embedded belt with matching blue stones on it. She also wore a diamond bracelet, matching earrings and matching ring.

Ryoko Hirosue, the actress of the film Departure arrived at the event wearing a delicate and elegant looking diamond necklace with earrings. Phoebe Cates was seen at the event wearing a red gown with matching bracelet having red stones hanging on to it. Penelope Cruz, was looking fantastic with a thin lined diamond necklace and diamond tops. Mickey Rooney wife, Jan Rooney was wearing a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Melissa George was a diamond house with diamonds in her hair, on her ears and around her wrist.

Marisa Tomei chose a jewelry that was elegant and completed her look at the awards. Marion Cotillard wore a 125-carat sapphire necklace and a 13-carat sapphire ring with an emerald cabochon by Chopard, along with the blue Dior Couture gown. Salma Hayek's darkened diamond and platinum earrings were going well with her dress and were designed by Neil Lane. Jessica Biel wore diamond earrings and a matching diamond cuff. Madonna was all about diamonds and platinum at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Layers of black and white diamond beads worth 500 carats, a 50 carat worth diamond and onyx bracelet, 20 carat pear shaped diamond earrings and large cocktail ring that were all designed by Neil Lane.

The photos of the actors and actresses at the Oscars are below:

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