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Sterling silver bangle
In olden times of the history of bangles date back throughout the approximately 2600 BC. It was confirmed when archaeologists dig up dissimilar type and mode of bangles all over India. The majority of popular of these leftovers was found in Mohenjo-Daro when archaeologists initiated a remnant of a dancing girl wearing a sterling silver bangle on her left arm.

Refinement is another name for silver bangles

Bangles at present are at the present measured as one of the elemental jewelry for some women. In some faith, bangles are measured to be element of their society like the Hindus. They dressed in bangles past the wedding to signify that they are already married. Even the gods and goddesses of Romans, Greeks, and Hindus as well put on bangles as sign of modishness and magnificence.

Cleopatra of Egypt was as well a monomaniac of bangles. In fact, in a few of her likeness she was wearing a snake-patterned sterling silver bangle and her trademark cobra-patterned headdress.


Bangles as of India and Pakistan are some of the oldest sort of bangles. It is also measured as one of the preponderance luxurious cause of its plans and work done on the bangle.

Firozabad of North India and Hyderabad of Pakistan are considered as two of the oldest producers of glass bangles. In fact, Hyderabad is well known for the historic bangle market called Laad Bazaar or Choodi Bazaar. They are also well-known for there intricate and first-rate designs of genuine gold bangles and sterling silver bangles.

Diversity and class of Bangles

There are many varieties and kinds of bangles today that are coming out in the market. Some are made from glass, metal, plastic, lac, and even rubber. Commonly, youngster's choices are bangles that are made of rubber. They wore it like wrist bands as if they are basketball players.

Cost of these bangles depends on there raw materials. The cheapest are those that are made from plastic and rubber materials. Genuine gold bangles are considered as the most expensive one.

The intricate design (artifact or the work done on the bangle on the metal) of a bangle might also be considered as one of the factors to make the bangle expensive. This includes small trinkets attached to the bangles, paintings, small glass pieces, or embroidery. The rarity of its color adds to its value. Some of the oldest bangles are made from lac. Lac is a resin-like substance that is molded in kilns to make into bangles. Among the recent addition are the rubber bangles that are worn more like a wrist band by teenagers while the plastic bangles add a stylish look.

For some rich and famous women, like queens, princesses, and actresses, genuine gold bangles and sterling silver bangles are considered as a must for there fashion style to signify there sophistication and splendor.

Bangles for Empress

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