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>> Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Since ancient times, numerous indiam tribes have developed an indigenous style of jewelry making as well as using easily available raw materials such as clay, bone, stone wood and others. Today, the ethnic tribal jewelry from the india is popular as handmade jewelry and they are crafted by the professional artisans and they use sophisticated instruments. The west bengal state is well known for its terracotta jewelry. In the town of shantiniketan, the artisans do craft beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets,anklets, pendants, bangles, hair pins and other trinlets. These trendy indian jewelry are made of clary which are engraved and glazed. The west bengal state is also known for its navratna jewelry. Those who are interested to buy them can visit sites such as Beautiful 18k navaratna jewelry or navaratna rings for women site and make purchases.

18k navaratna jewelry

In india, the jute jewelry is also famous. This colorful jewelry are adorned with beads, shells and bright colored threads. These jewels are very popular with youngsters because it is not expensive and they are light weight and eco friendly. The states like orissa is renowned for thier filigree jewelry. They are intricate as well as delicate art of jewelry making, in which fine threads of metal are curled, twisted and plaited. These are then joined by means of gold or silver solder as well as boraz using the blowpipe. Popular Online jewellery shopping India is the best way to shop.

India is also world's largest exporter of pearls and in Hyderabad city is the main centre of pearl trade in India. The historical as well as culturally rich city has become synonymous with pearls. And they are available in varied colors from exquisite white to dark grey. They are strung to form necklaces, bracelets and even they are set in earrings, bangles and other ornaments. We find women are more fascinated with the color red hence they tend also prefer red navaratna earrings

The navratna jewelry consist nine auspicious stones. There is common belief that these nine stones ensure the well being of the individual who adorn them . In india, the jewels have been given major importance because of its astrological significance as well as innate charm. The nine stones use in the jewelry include diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet and cats eye. As it is believed in astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offer power. The online stores in order to increase thier sales they tend to offer more amount of discount as well as they provide emi option also to thier customers.

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