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>> Saturday, April 5, 2014

In Indian jewelry, you will find ornaments in various varieties and one among them is navaratna. This is a popular style that stands for traditions and astrology. In this form, there are nine precious gemstones used which are diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, red coral, emerald, ruby, hessonite and cat's eye. Navaratna jewelry has a lot of significance and this is preferred by people on various occasions including wedding and anniversary etc. Earlier, these were just the pieces that symbolized traditions and planets but now, individuals are considering them as one of the popular fashion accessories and adding them in their dress up. Beautiful Navaratna Jewellery India is much favoured in the gold metal. 

The Nootan Pushp Ring

It is an expensive and beautiful metal which appears great when combined with precious gemstones. Besides, both the metal and stones stand for love, trust, and commitment in relationships and hence, most of them choose it for engagement, wedding and anniversary occasions. There are all kinds of ornaments available in this form and this makes women to purchase them in sets also. On the other hand, shopping for these pieces have become easy now with the availability of online jewelry stores. These stores allow you to purchase your favorite ornaments at the comfort of your home. How Do Online Indian Stores Offer Products At Huge Discounts in India.

There are various advantages of online shopping websites like they provide huge collection of items in numerous designs and styles. Jewelry such as earrings and rings generally come in several designs and you will not usually find all of them at regular outlets. But at web based portals, you will come across designs such as classic, fashion, fusion and cluster in Navaratna Rings. Based on its design, you can choose it on anniversary, wedding, special events and on everyday wear too. These multistone pieces make a great addition to your dress up and makes you stand out of the crowd.

When it comes to earrings, these are the popular pieces which every woman has in her jewelry box. These are available in the market in various metals but gold is largely preferred on important occasions. If you want to purchase them in the nine stone form, search for 18k Navaratna Earrings over online portals. Here, 18K refers to the purity of the metal. Gold is a very soft metal which tends to lose its design and shape when used over a long period of time. So, 18k pieces are recommended to shoppers as it blends gold as well as other metals, which makes the jewelry piece sturdy and long lasting.

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