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>> Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Independence day in India is celebrated in India on 15th August each year. On this day, national holiday is observed. People of all walks try to gather at common place and one of the heads of the locality hoists the national flag. The head of the locality usually speaks about the struggle which our people had to undergo to attain freedom. They also speak about different development undertaken to empower youth of our country. Many people like to display the national flag on their attire, accessories, homes and vehicles. People also prefer to listen to patriotic songs and also watch patriotic movies and thus bond with their friends and family members.

What are the few gift ideas which can be considered ?

Gold is a precious metal, hence many people prefer to give gold metal as gifts to their loved ones. On the eve of independence day, many like to give something in gold with the theme of independence of our nation such as Gold bracelets having Asoka chakra embedded on them or adorn rings having the symbol of our national integration. In order to buy them, they tend to visit sites such as Finger Rings For Both Men And Women Online and makd purchases. Few people prefer to give geometric symphony bracelet having indent map. Few who cannot afford to offer precious metals as gift can think of offering even greeting card on independence day to their loved ones.

Why many prefer to shop from online stores than retail stores ?

Many individuals prefer to shop from online sites such as Finger Rings For Men Online Shopping rather than retail stores because these stores offer more convenience to their customers as well as ease. They can sit in their comfort home and shop at their convenient time. They need not travel in pollution as well as in traffic, when they choose to shop online hence many prefer online shopping rather retail stores.

What are the different of payments accepted by the online stores ?

Online stores like Finger Rings For Girls Online Shopping accept various modes of payments such as paypal,netpay, ucash, credit card, debit card and also cash on delivery. Those customers who do not have bank account usually opt for cash on delivery. Those customers who desire to pay in instalments can choose to pay in emi mode. Few who have higher disposable incomes opt to pay higher amount towards emi. And those who do not have higher disposable income they may opt to pay lower amount towards the emi.

If customers are not satisfied with the products, can they return the products to the stores ?

Those customers who are not satisfied with the products purchased by them, they can very return them within grace period. The grace period offered by the stores are usually 30 to 60 days. If the customers do not return the product in that period then the stores assume that they are sold by the stores.



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